Lockhart Chemical Test Capabilities


One of the many benefits that Lockhart Chemical provides its customers is the convenience of having full laboratory capabilities on site with a dedicated testing staff. Our validation and quality control personnel have state of the art amenities to accommodate any and all customer needs. At Lockhart Chemical we value our customers and would like to provide important, up-to-date information you may find beneficial. Below are several tests our company is able to employ to test factors such as lubricity, stability, performance, and other aspects of an additive and/or finished product.


Test DescriptionASTM Standard Method #
Specific GravityD-1298
Viscosity (Kinematic)D-445
Determination of Sodium Sulfonate & Mineral OilD-3712
Water Determination by AzeotropeD-95
% Inorganic Salt and Sodium SulfonatesD-3712
Fourier-transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) AnalysisInternal
Pounds/Gallon or Specific Gravity at 25° CD-1475
Color by Gardner MethodInternal
Flash Point- Cleveland Open CupD-92
Total Base NumberD-974
Acid Number DeterminationD-974
Saponification NumberD-94-02
Drop Melt Point MethodD-127
Pour PointD-97
Non-volatile ContentD-1644
Brookfield RVT Viscosity at 25° CD-2196
Specific Gravity at 25° CD-1475
Water Determination by Karl FisherD-1744
Cone PenetrationD-937
Potentiometric Base Number DeterminationD-2896
Cast Iron Chip Rust TestIP287
Chloride ContentD-1568
% Non-volatile Content at 110° CD-2369
Stack Steel Stain TestInternal
API Gravity by HydrometerD-287
% Sediment Determination by CentrifugationD-96
SAG Resistance of CoatingsD-4400
Needle PenetrationD-1321
Congeal Melt PointD-938
Direct Base NumberInternal
% Actives for Sulfonate, Barium, and/or Calcium by Hyamine TitrationD-3673
Humidity Cabinet TestD-1748
Salt Fog TestB 117
Hegman Scale for Particle SizeD-1210
Base Number DeterminationD-974
Potentiometric Base Number DeterminationD-2896
Falex Pin and Vee Block EP PropertiesD-3233
Falex Pin and Vee Block Wear PropertiesD-2670
Copper Corrosion Test- Copper Strip MethodD-130
ATSM Color TestD-1500
Viscosity by Dip-Type Viscosity CupsD-4112
Viscosity by Ford Viscosity CupD-1200
Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating OilsD-892
Water Separation of Petroleum oils and Synthetic FluidsD-1401
X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis of Sulfur and PhosphorousInternal