Calcium Sulfonates

Counter Rust Calcium Sulfonates are manufactured to Lockhart’s exact specification at its Flint, Michigan facility offering customers a secure source of supply. Versatile calcium sulfonates are useful in a wide range of applications where water dispersion and rust prevention are important.


Product (Click for TDS) TBN Description Technical Data Sheet
Counter Rust CA-42 <5 Neutral Calcium Sulfonates provide improved demulsibility and corrosion protection in the formulation of rust preventives. file - Calcium Sulfonates
Counter Rust CA-70 70 Moderately Overbased Calcium Sulfonates provide enhanced corrosion protection in functional fluids. file - Calcium Sulfonates
Counter Rust CA-300 300 A high molecular weight Calcium Sulfonate for formulating rust preventives, slushing and engine oils. file - Calcium Sulfonates
Counter Rust CA-400 400 Highly Overbased Calcium Sulfonates can be gelled to produce calcium greases. They are used as dispersants and corrosion inhibitors in engine oils and are components of rust preventives. file - Calcium Sulfonates
Counter Rust CA-407 400 A highly Overbased Calcium Sulfonate that is used to produce Calcium greases and lubricants requiring NSF HX-1 approval. file - Calcium Sulfonates


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