Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing At Lockhart

With ample raw material storage and logistics capabilities, a variety of reactors, blend tanks and mixers/dispersers up to 9,000 gallons coupled with the central US location, Lockhart Chemical is the preferred choice for contract manufacturing. Please contact for additional information. 




Process Equipment & Capabilities // Reaction & Finishing Capabilities


  • Stainless Steel reactors 200 gallons – 9000 gallons
  • Scale Up Reactors 5 Gallons – 200 gallons
  • Reactions up to 270 F
  • Esterifications/Amides/Acids – Base Reactions
  • Barium and Calcium Sulfonates
  • High Pressure Oxidation of petroleum waxes
  • Large Scale Plate and Frame Filter
  • Full QC Lab with Extensive Capabilities
salt spray 300x300 - Contract Manufacturing

Blending Capabilities

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    • Complex blends to 500,000 cps viscosity.
    • Simple blending with a batch capacity of 26,000 gallons.
    • High speed dispersers (Hockmeyers, Cowles, for small batches such as grease, paint and thixotropes).
    • Automatic Drum Filler
    • Oil Blending
    • Filtration
    • Raw Material Storage
        • Railcar spur with four loading and off-loading spots
        • Trunk offloading
        • Storage Tanks, many heated, with capacity up to 28,000 gallons
        • Filling, labeling, warehousing of drums and totes
        • Shipping Logistics Provider


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